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“ALERT: You’ve spent Rs 1.00 on CREDIT Card no xx xxxx at GOOGLE *PROXIMA BETA on date xxxx-xx-xx” in recent times this message was received by many credit and debit card holders. Normally this type of messages will come when the account holder or credit card holder uses his/her cards at any point of sale or any online payment. But they haven’t initiated either online payment or not used in any shop. Normally every bank will send debit messages with the beneficiary or company or shop name. For any online transactions every bank will send a onetime password (OTP) to registered mobile number. In all cases none of the user received any OTP. But their accounts were debited for different amounts within 2 to 5 minutes.


Initially everyone thought GOOGLE *PROXIMA BETA is a Google product. But this is not a Google product. This is a cyber fraud. The cyber fraudster used Google name to divert the people attention.

How they have transferred money from your card without OTP?

Reserve Bank of India has introduced OTP (Onetime Password) to stop these types of frauds. But this OTP will not be generated for some international transactions. These fraudsters took this as an advantage and stolen money from the credit or debit card. In all fraud cases the account holder or credit card holder received message in Indian rupees but in real these transactions was done in foreign currency.

This is what exactly happened

Mr Kranthi kumar, resident of Hyderabad has different bank credit cards. Few days back he received a message from his credit card bank stating that his credit card was used for Rs. 1.00. Again he received 3 to 5 messages with same content but different amount . Immediately he called the customer care of concerned bank and blocked his card. But he has no idea what is happening with his card. After blocking the card he registered an FIR with the cyber crime police. The total money he lost was Rs 24000.00.

What eSalaha advises its readers?

eSalaha advises  the following

  1. Never share your OTP with any one if he claims as a bank official
  2. Never enable international transaction if not needed.
  3. Change your debit/credit card PINs frequently.
  4. If any unauthorized transaction took place immediately block your credit/debit card and apply for new card.
  5. If your banker failed to respond immediately, you can file complaint with Banking Ombudsman.
  6. Immediately complain and file FIR with Cyber crime police or nearest police station.
  7. Do not attend any suspicious mail or message.

For Banking Ombudsman address and email CLICK HERE


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